How to Change a City?

A lot of people have changed Union City in many ways. They were the pioneers. They were the residents. They were the developers, architects, and engineers. These people who helped change our city were guided by their dreams. Nothing is more powerful than a dream.

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Interview with Myrla Raymudo by Union City Advice Givers (February 2017).

A Note from Our Founder

Union City was the only city in the neighboring cities that did not have a historical society or museum. Being a history buff, I advocated the establishment of a historical museum. I started in 1994. I really believe that the history and heritage of Union City is embodied in its old homes, buildings, structures, and objects and in places that show us our collective past. I also believe that these historical structures and artifacts are a tangible link to people and events that have shaped the lives of the city's residents. The developers, the builders, the engineers and architects, who created our architectural legacy, helped in letting us see the ways of life almost forgotten.

I want the residents, especially the younger generation, to know the city's past. Because of my great interest in preserving the Union City history, I will continue to work to achieve my main objective, a Historical Museum in Union City.

Mrs. Myrla Raymundo, MBA
Founder/CEO of the Union City Historical Museum

Our History

The City of Union City is located in Alameda County on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. Encompassing 18 square miles (nearly 11,500 acres), Union City lies between the City of Hayward on the north and west sides, the City of Fremont on the south and east sides, and the salt marshes on the west. For more than a hundred years, Union City, California has changed. Union City was just a vast piece of land when agriculture had been an often-profitable prospect in Alameda County. With its fertile soil, marshes, and proximity to San Francisco, farmers were able to easily exploit the resources located in the county. Cattle ranching was the center of life in the early 1800's along with garden crops, fruits, and grain. Since the area had an abundance of water, feed, and land, raising cattle, poultry, and sheep was profitable to local farmers. Union City was the first county courthouse in Alameda County from 1853 to 1856 -- site of the first courthouse where Alameda County Government began, June 6, 1853. The site is a State Registered Landmark No. 503. From an agricultural little town, Union City had changed. There is now a collection of upscale homes with one and two-story designs. Union City now has a population of more than 73,000 making it the 9th largest incorporated city in Alameda County. Union City is racially and ethnically diverse. There is commercial and office buildings complete with public arts pleasing to the eye and large parking lots. The roads have thematic signage and beautiful streetscape, bicycle, and pedestrian trails, good lighting, and landscaping. Utility lines are now underground.